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FOXO4 lives in the nucleus of the cell and p53 does its work at the mitochondrial level — two very different sites in the inside of a cell. At Breakthrough Labs we needed to find a way to get P53 and FOXO4 separated from one another so that p53 could do its work and eliminate the senescent cell from the inside. To do this another version of FOXO4 was created that had a Trojan horse effect ( it acted like FOXO4 from a chemical standpoint) . This molecule looked like FOXO4 to the cell, and it acted like it too, but this peptide called FOXO4-dri, didn’t only live in the nucleus — it could exist at any place inside the cell.

The p53 breaks away from FOXO4 when FOXO4-DRI is introduced into the senescent cells. Now the compound can do it’s work and the cell would undergo apoptosis — it would can finally commit suicide, and not hang around to signal bad chemical messages to the other cells. This is what occurs in younger subjects, where this mechanism is at peak. It virtually recreates a younger cellular environment. Once senescent cells are killed off, past a threshold level of them being toxic, healthy cells are allowed to flourish.

This compound has amazing implications. In animal studies using this substance, not only cellular function returned but systemic change occurred as well. Animals with organ damage, saw these traits reversed. Energy returned and physical activity increased.

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Science is progressing at breakneck speed. Biotechnology is on the cusp of yielding impressive results in many realms. Health enhancements are in humanity’s future. We have a dream of bringing these breakthroughs to the public when they emerge as being safe and efficacious – which is why we pursue to offer the science community high-value research compounds.  Frequently we hear the argument that these new medicines will “only be available for the rich”. We believe that everyone can have access regardless of economic status if research costs are lowered.

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