About us

Our vision

“Our dream is to provide cutting edge regenerative research compounds to any researcher wishing to investigate them. We believe health should be ubiquitous, regardless of income. Thus, we wish to empower the scientific community to pursue research into compounds that may one day help people world-wide.”

It’s time for a breakthrough.

Breakthrough Biolabs started as a group of thought leaders, scientists, chemists, and entrepreneurs dedicated to providing breakthrough research compounds to stimulate burgeoning scientific communities around the world. Our mission is simple: to ensure that comprehensive, meticulous research into senescence and the underlying causes of aging-related disease may proceed forward in an expedited and cost-efficient manner for all. Join our community today and help us deliver the technologies of tomorrow.

Why Choose Us

Breakthrough Labs focuses on application-directed approaches to facilitate the development of cell-based therapies and gene marker-based technologies for major degenerative conditions for which there presently are no interventions. For this purpose, Breakthrough Biolabs seeks to provide the compounds needed for research – to the scientific community world-wide.


Breakthrough Biolabs leadership has consistently shown to provide the highest quality products It’s Chief Executive Officer, R.D, has years of experience in the research chemical space.


Breakthrough Biolabs is comprised of researchers and scientists that are focused on next-generation breakthrough products for the biotech industry. Our professional staff is passionate about spearheading evolution of the research industry.

Affordable for all

At Breakthrough Biolabs, we understand that biotech research is also a business. We’re focused on delivering excellence but also value. We are proud to provide the highest quality and value on the market.


Breakthrough Bio Labs guarantee that our products are produced with the highest standards, our quality control is done by independent parties. Rest assured, what you buy is what you get.


Breakthrough Bio Labs’ parent company, AG, has been known in the biotech industry as a thought leader in biotech. After a stratospheric and tumultous start, AG’s new leadership has reaffirmed it’s commitment to the highest professional and ethical standards.


Breakthrough Bio Labs offers biotech research products of the highest quality and competitive prices with a goal of offering value to major biotech and chemical research customers.