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Breakthrough Biolabs offers the highest purity FOXO4-Dri for research purposes. FOXO4-Dri is a breakthrough senolytic peptide molecule that removes aged and junk cells that lie at the fundament of the ageing process, protects against cell damage, minimizes harmful effects of the aging process and maximizes performance.

For years, researchers have sought a way to counteract the damaging effects of the aging process and maximize human performance. Now, the FOX04 peptide has brought those possibilities into reality.

As we age, senescent (or elderly, “junk”) cells build up in our tissues, where they contribute to illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, organ failure, diabetes, and other chronic and terminal disease. Over time, this over-accumulation of junk cells will continue to degrade mental and physical performance, until the body loses its ability to function on its own.

By targeting and destroying these cells while simultaneously protecting healthy, productive cells, the FOX04 molecule is being researched for its ability to support optimal performance in a manner currently unavailable through common pharmaceuticals or supplements.

These effects have been reported in a diversity of preclinical research in both animals and humans. In experiments with mice bred to age twice as fast as normal, FOXO4  boosted the density of their fur, reversed kidney damage, and increased the amount of time they could spend in a running wheel, with similar results reported in small-scale, preclinical human studies.